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Mission Statement

At DaVenti Learning our mission is to provide support for math students. We are committed to helping students overcome the challenges of math by providing tutoring and supplemental instruction virtually from the comfort of their home.

Vision Statement

At DaVenti Learning we are committed to supporting both students and teachers. Our vision includes:

  • Offering the highest quality math tutoring money can buy

  • Opening a location where we will offer tutoring during the school year and camps for students during the summer

  • Create materials and resources for teachers

  • Hire experienced educators that can tutor math, science, English/writing, and STEM related fields

Who We Are

We are located in Houston, Texas where we both currently teach. Mr. Antonio Ventura came up with the idea of creating his own educational company in 2019 while he worked as an actuary at AIG. He reached out to his friend from high school, Ms. Gloria Valle, who was quickly on board. Together they bring 12 years of classroom experience, teaching middle and high school math to students in public, charter, private and Montessori schools.

The name DaVenti comes from two parts. “Venti,” not to be confused with Starbucks, was the nickname that students created for Mr. Ventura during his years teaching at St. John’s School. “Da” comes from Leonardo Da Vinci, a Renaissance man who inspired Mr. Ventura to be excellent in all academic subjects, not just math. It is our philosophy that all students should strive to be Renaissance people and we especially believe that no student should ever utter the phrase “I am not a math person.” 

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